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That’s Right! I said, “Let’s Talk about Aging.” Surprised?

Some people have said to me, “Marilyn, nobody wants to talk about aging! They want to pretend it doesn’t exist!” Well, I’m here to tell you, that’s not true!

I’ve been helping older adults, their families, and the organizations that serve them for years, and what I find is, people do want to talk about aging when it’s important to their life or their business.

  • Older adults want to talk about aging. They are keenly interested in their health, their daily challenges, and how it feels to be experiencing this phase of life. They want to know how they can stay in their home and how to remain vital. They want to share their mind—and a few laughs—with others. Most of all, they don’t want their issues to be ignored or discounted.
  • Families want to talk about aging. They are deeply concerned about doing a good job for their parents and grandparents. They want advice, resources, to hear they are not the only people in this situation, and to learn to laugh about some of their challenges. They especially want reassurance they are doing “the right thing” for the people they love.
  • Businesses want to talk about aging. They want to know how to communicate with the over-50 crowd and how to provide products and services that will resonate with older consumers. They want to  understand better the needs and expectations of seniors and the children of those seniors. In particular, they want to keep abreast of changes in the large, dynamic market of older adults.

My approach resonates with audiences.

Sure, some of the subject matter surrounding aging is serious, but we need not forget the joy and abundance unique to this phase of life when we address these issues. In every presentation, I use stories and humor to remind audiences it’s very possible—advantageous even—to navigate the river of aging without losing our zest for life.

They chuckle, they laugh out loud, they have ‘ah ha!’ moments, and they learn a lot. Some of the takeaways are practical. Others are emotional. Sometimes, I find my presentations are the moment they’ve been waiting for—the moment they can finally start talking about aging.

So let’s talk about aging. And let’s have some fun doing it! 

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Keynotes and Breakouts

As the “Extra Sister,” I combine Texas grit and Northwest passion to charm your audiences. When you need someone to tell it like it is, and inspire folks along the way, I’m the gal for you!

I was the marketing director for an assisted living facility when I first understood how necessary it is to preserve one’s dignity and self-worth and remain as independent as possible throughout life. I became the “Extra Sister” to help families trying to care for both their children and their aging parents. Years working one-on-one with elderly clients and their families have made me an expert solving age-related issues and serving mature consumers. Today, I am available for keynotes and breakouts at association meetings, family resource organizations, corporate sales and planning meetings, and executive briefings.

If your audience cares for or works with elder adults or supplies products and services to the senior market, book me today for insider advice on aging issues.

Keynote: Aging in Place

Getting older doesn’t have to mean leaving home. I will help you:

  • Learn about cost-conscious changes you can make to your home in one day so you don’t have to move.
  • Get up to speed on universal design and find out what a CAPS designation means.
  • Catch up on astounding technologies available right now and learn what’s coming to make aging in your own home easier.
  • Explore the range of options for help at home and what to look for when you need help.


Keynote: Navigating the River of Aging

In this inspiring and gently humorous keynote, I reveal how old people think differently than you and expand your understanding of what is required to age zestfully.

  • Learn how to take the oars and plot your own course: Float away from denial. Take charge. Plunge in and forge ahead to make these exciting years powerful and enduring.
  • Aging well and planning ahead—get insight about maintaining quality of life. Find ways to combat the stress of aging and choose the right time for the “big talk” with Mom and Dad about moving and giving up the car keys.

Breakout: The “Big Talk” and Other Rites of Passage We Would Rather Not Talk About

Eventually, we all need to discuss sensitive subjects with our elder parents. I provide practical advice about:

  • Forms and directives.
  • Living at home or “in a home.”
  • Alternatives to driving.
  • Surviving a move.
  • Listening for the underlying emotions.


Breakout: Your Turn—Six Points of Light

Insights gleaned from one-on-one conversations with senior adults about how to maintain a high quality of life by following my six points of light:

  • Adjust your attitude; add 7.5 years of life expectancy
  • Sync your structure: the power of posture
  • Activate: a body in motion
  • Cooking: for one, two or a bunch
  • Connect: reach out to friends new and old
  • Learn: explore the familiar and the foreign


Breakout: The Fog of Dementia

A hands-on view of what it’s like and how to relate to those family members who suffer. Learn:

  • How to create positive experiences for everyone
  • Ways to communicate more effectively
  • Why reasoning doesn’t work
  • Skills for diffusing emotional outbursts
  • Establishing comforting environments


To book me to speak to your group, call 503-685-9059.