Navigating the River of Aging

It’s 11:30 at night. Mom is calling for the third time this evening. She can’t remember if she gave Dad his heart pill. Your youngest daughter is standing by your elbow. She needs you to sign her college financial aid application. The dog is whining to go out. Your beloved spouse has that haggard look that means, “I could really use some alone time with you.”

Now what?

As part of the sandwich generation, keeping up with your own family and balancing the needs of your parents can be a challenge.

Mom and Dad want to be as independent as possible, and you want that for them, but they need more and more help.

How do you handle:

  • Convincing Dad it’s time to turn in the car keys?
  • Mom’s encroaching dementia?
  • Their dear old house that was certainly not built for aging in place?
  • Talking to your folks about the possibility of hiring some outside help?
  • All the other things that pop up day after day?

And how do you take good care of yourself at the same time?

The middle years come with their own set of challenges: empty-nest syndrome, a changing body, new career demands, grandchildren and more. Living zestfully means taking the oars and plotting your own course: Float away from denial. Take charge. Plunge in and forge ahead to make these exciting years powerful and enduring.

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