Consulting for Businesses

Smart Businesses Serve Seniors

Are you a remodeler being asked to incorporate universal design into the family home? An entrepreneur with a new product for seniors, or the kids of those seniors? Or a service provider wishing to tap into a more mature market?

Good idea!

The growing population of older adults means more opportunity than ever before for businesses with senior savvy.

As expectations about the retirement years change, there is increasing demand for products and services that allow people to age in place, enjoy good health, and live in fulfilling ways. But all too often, businesses don’t understand how to:

  • Communicate in ways that resonate with older adults
  • Develop products that solve practical problems—and are therefore in demand
  • Use universal design principles to make their products useful to people of all ages
  • Tailor services to 50+ consumers

Looking for an “insiders perspective”? Ask the Extra Sister.

A candid conversation with me could help you learn more about your target market, avoid costly mistakes, or even show you how to tweak a product to make it a success. I will answer your questions about the aging market and how to capture that market’s real wants and needs to perfect your goods and services.

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