There for You Services

There for You When You Need it the Most

Let me guess; right now you’re trying to balance time for the kids, your career, your marriage, have some time left over for yourself, and more and more often, time for your folks. You’re probably wishing for, not just an extra set of hands, but a clone of yourself. Preferably, one who is an experienced expert on aging issues.

I can help.

My name is Marilyn Slaby. I founded There for You in 2005 to serve “sandwich generation” families struggling to keep up with the demands of caring for children and aging parents simultaneously.

As the “Extra Sister,” I:

  • Provide practical services with a warm, caring touch to your aging loved ones so you can feel relaxed and secure about the care your family member is receiving while keeping life in balance for everyone’s sake.
  • Keep in close communication with you to alert you to any important changes or situations that arise so appropriate action can be taken immediately.
  • Listen as family members share their frustrations, worries, anger and love. I hear family histories, jokes, and some tall tales. I keep family secrets and shed tears with you as we share the details of life’s flow.
  • Share my expertise to help your family manage aging issues: I will help you assess your situation, share the lessons I’ve learned from years of working with seniors, and find ways to help you manage gracefully.
  • Keep abreast of resources, new technology, and services that support living well so I can make smart recommendations to you.
  • Deliver beautiful bouquets and special favors—just because. I enjoy my clients very much and love to brighten their day by using my interior design and cake decorating talents to create surprises. Check out the cake and flower galleries!

Since beginning this work, I have assisted over 90 clients, becoming a trusted friend and ally to the many who have welcomed my help.

Call 503-685-9059 today for help with:

  • Doctor and other appointments: Do you get the full scoop when you ask your folks what the doctor said? I’ll make sure you get the facts.
  • Errands and projects: Need shopping done? Want help organizing family photos, writing letters, mailing holiday cards? Have a special project? Can do!
  • Organizing and downsizing: From getting everyone on board with the move to figuring out how to arrange the furniture, place familiar pieces, and create an ambiance that says “home,” I’ve got you covered.
  • Companionship: My clients and I create wonderful friendships as we explore museums, go out to lunch, share a cup of coffee, or walk together and talk. I have several clients with varying degrees of dementia; being able to rely on a friend’s visit each week is very rewarding in these cases.
  • Pet care: Anyone who owns a pet enjoys a special life-enhancing bond. I’m happy to replenish supplies, make trips to the vet’s office or groomers, and make sure care needs are being met.
  • And much more: Let’s talk about your unique needs.