There for You Testimonials

Dear Marilyn, Your help and friendship deserves so much more than a simple thank you and I want you to know what you did for us was a blessing. My parents were so comforted to have you looking after them in those interludes when I was unable to be there. You were a great sister to me and a comfort to them. Please stay in contact. You are a joy to talk to!

~ RR

Marilyn, I will never forget how wonderful you were to Dad. You added something very warm and special to his life in recent years. Thank you for making such a positive difference!

~ Love, R.

Are YOUR parents still alive? I want their address. I want to send your mother a note telling her what a wonderful human being you are. I love you.

~ A. F.

Marilyn: Thanks so much for checking in. Yes, it would be great if you could handle this appointment. I have just taken on a new client and I am overwhelmed! Thanks much. We appreciate you!

~ Leslie

Marilyn was a lifesaver when I felt that I could not manage to find another minute in my day to take care of my parents. I had one parent in and out of nursing homes, and the other living in an independent retirement apartment. Having to move my Dad to a smaller apartment was emotional enough, but on top of trying to juggle my mother’s care as well, I just could not manage to finish unpacking his things. Marilyn was recommended, and she came and helped my Dad with any number of tasks. My Dad really liked her and kept telling me what a nice lady she is. For someone as fiercely independent as my Dad, it was amazing to see him willing to ask for her help. Marilyn fills a great need, and her love and compassion for the elderly sets her apart.

  ~ Trish

Dear Marilyn, Thank you so much for taking her to the doctor, sounds like a lot got accomplished. You are a godsend for me; I know she really enjoys your company.

~ Dianne

Thank you so much! Dad is so enjoying all you do with him. Dad really looks forward to Tuesdays.

~ Cheryl

Marilyn, thanks so much for informing me about my mother’s appointments and the good news. It is very kind of you to send me a personal message. I know she enjoys lunching out, and I’m glad the two of you were able to turn the day into a bit of a social event. Thank you so much, Marilyn, for all your thoughtfulness while assisting my mother.

 ~ Linda

Dear Marilyn, Thank you so much for the amazing and wonderful cookies. They were delicious.

Thank you for being such an angel.

~  O.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

~ Alisa